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WYSER Men is all about bringing men, and the women who love them, together to live in harmony with each other, as well as ensuring (where applicable) that the children who come from that union are happy, nurtured and safe, both emotionally and psychically.

WYSER Men and the information provided from the Covenant of Elders from long past, ensures we have men who understand what their responsibilities are in a relationship, men who know how to prioritise their lives, and men who relate to their spouse and to their children (no matter what age).

In our society today, because of the hyper-accelerated changes happening within our society our experience is that our newer generations of men AND women are missing out on what some older generations have enjoyed... connected Community!

Our feedback, and actual results of the past 30+ years of teaching men new ways of being, has led us to realise that, whereas we can support men to understand and build their relationships very well, we have become very conscious that there is a high need for the rest of the family to gain access to such resources.

So with that intention in mind, we have created WYSER Community, a place where our WYSER men, and women can discover resources that help them uncover new ways of being in a relationship (as opposed to a partnership) and provide a wide variety of information, from a myriad of sources that will help them both improve their Life Skills and help them both create a loving environment and true family harmony within their homes!

The WYSER Community is designed to assist every person who becomes involved to find support, discover exciting new resources curated from around the world wide web (negating the need for each individual to have to do it personally) as well as allow each member of the WYSER Community the opportunity to share their developed Life Skills and experiences with others on the same or similar journey as us.

WYSER Community involvement has been designed to include access to all our other courses and resources as they evolve over time, to provide an exciting ongoing membership connection for our Graduated WYSER Men, and to provide a place for invited men and women to showcase their resources to ensure growth and inclusion of everyone in this new and vibrant community.

We have designed this Community area to be an inclusive place for many people to become involved in the WYSER Men family.

We regard our data base as it grows as belonging to our community, so any man or woman who provide services, trainings and teachings that are aligned with our community will be welcomed.

Membership of WYSER Community is free to join - we want all who arrive here to feel like they belong and gain great connection and support within the WYSER community.

So welcome to a new way of connecting and sharing, a place to share resources, share personal ideas and beliefs, provide other courses and services to support the community so we all grow and prosper together.

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