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Becoming a Certified Mentor

WYSER Men's online group learning program - Merlin's Code | Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness - is facilitated by Certified Mentors who have previously completed the program, met various qualifying criteria and have successfully completed the Certified Mentor Course. This page explains the process of becoming a Certified Mentor, addresses some of the frequently asked questions and provides you with the ability to register your interest in commencing your journey towards certification.

Merlin's Code

Merlin's Code is a unique online group learning program that is facilitated and supported by men, for men only. It is an eye-opening, step-by-step journey forged from history and the stories of the grandfathers that help men get really clear about "men's work" and the responsibilities that they must take on to achieve authentic manhood.

Participants complete course material online at their own pace via our website while attending two fully facilitated Zoom meetings each week for five weeks (each session is approximately 2 hours). The Zoom meeting (known as the Dragon's Den) is attended by all men participating in the program and is facilitated by a fully trained Certified Mentor. Each program is limited to a maximum of 20 men.

The Merlin's Code program is simple, easily retainable and can be presented by most men.

The Certified Mentor Process

Our philosophy is straightforward - we teach you how to guide and support the men participating in your Merlin's Code courses – you do NOT need a degree in psychology or advanced education – you simply need to have a passion for helping other men become better men.

The process for becoming a Certified Mentor is summarised, and explained in more detail, below:

Step 1 – Complete Merlin's Code (5 weeks online) | The first requirement for certification is to attend the 5-week online Merlin's Code group learning program as a Participant.

Step 2 – Register for Certification | To register for Certification, go to the WYSER Men website (https://wyser.men/mentor-courses) and register to attend an upcoming Certified Mentor Course. The Certified Mentor Course is a five-day face-to-face program.

Step 3 – Attend Programs as an Mentor-in-Training | During your time as an Mentor-in-Training, you will be required to attend at least two Merlin's Code online courses as an observer/contributor. Depending on when Merlin's Code courses have been scheduled by our existing Certified Mentors, it may be possible to attend two courses concurrently, as opposed to back-to-back.

Step 4 – Attend the Certified Mentor Course | WYSER Men's Certified Mentor Course is a 5-day intensive face-to-face masterclass that provides specially selected men with the knowledge and skills to facilitate our online Merlin's Code | Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness program with guidance, support and insights into the Code as course participants progress through their 5 week course. The Certified Mentor Course covers:

  • The training protocols associated with Merlin's Code
  • The Mentor's Guide for each module
  • Mental Health Awareness protocols
  • Training in the WYSER Men business model
  • Listening Skills
  • How to use the Zoom video conferencing platform
  • How to use the WYSER Men online system for scheduling and administering courses
  • A practical evaluation examination to assess your readiness for the role

You will be granted certification when you pass the practical examination at the end of the 5-day course. Once certified, you can commence scheduling and running your own Merlin's Code learning programs.

However, if you are deemed to be not quite ready for certification, you will be provided with a mentor and have up to 6 months to improve your knowledge and skills before attending a second Certified Mentor Course (at a significantly discounted price).

Maintaining Certification

To maintain your Certified Mentor status, you are required to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Schedule, administer, coordinate and conduct a minimum of 3 x Merlin's Code learning programs (5 weeks online) per year (years are based around the anniversary of your certification date). These online programs involve two Zoom meetings per week and may be run in parallel if you wish.
  • Attend a minimum of 1 Certified Mentor Update Course every year (compulsory).
What You Can Achieve as a Certified Mentor

To what extent you choose to take up your role as a WYSER Certified Mentor is entirely up to you. You can achieve as much, or as little, as you want as a Certified Mentor.

At one end of the scale of possibilities, some Certified Mentors may choose only to meet the minimum requirements for maintaining certification. At the other end of the scale, others may choose to approach their work with WYSER Men as a full-time business.

Financial Benefits for Certified Mentor

As a Certified Mentor, you are paid for your facilitation and involvement in the Dragon's Den Zoom meetings. You must have a suitable computer or laptop with a good quality webcam, headset or microphone, and a reliable internet connection.

Remuneration of Certified Mentors may comprise:

  • Certified Mentor Fees | A fixed sum fee paid at the commencement of each Merlin's Code program that is run by a Certified Mentor.
  • Completion Bonus | A bonus paid to a Certified Mentor for each man who fully completes the Merlin's Code program that he is running. This bonus is an incentive aimed at ensuring that participants in their courses stick with, and complete, the Merlin's Code program in its entirety.
  • Referral Bonus | A bonus paid for any man that the Certified Mentor refers into, and who completes, the Merlin's Code program. A Referral Bonus is paid regardless of whether a Certified Mentor refers a man into one of his own courses, or a course run by another Certified Mentor.

Full details of the Certified Mentor remuneration package will be provided when you register your interest in becoming a Certified Mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions

The responses to the following questions may assist you to further understand the ins-and-outs of becoming a Certified Mentor:

All online and indeed bricks-and-mortar businesses rely on people purchasing their products or services - WYSER Men and Merlin's Code are no different. In order to fill Merlin's Code courses with the maximum number of Participants on an ongoing basis, we need to do some serious marketing.

To ensure the success and sustainability of our marketing campaigns, WYSER Men will conduct all official advertising and marketing. The reasons for this are obvious - Certified Mentors are trained in delivering Merlin's Code NOT in how to promote WYSER Men to the world in order to fill their own personal trainings.

Consequently, WYSER Men have contracted a Digital Marketing specialist firm to get the WYSER Men and Merlin's Code message out to the marketplace using various online and social media strategies.

However, that does not prevent our Certified Mentors from doing their own direct marketing to men that they know or meet. As an incentive to do this, WYSER Men's Referral Bonus will be paid for each man who is referred by a Certified Mentor, and who fully completes the course. This in effect pays the Certified Mentor for the successful person-to-person marketing that they did.

In order to fund this, each Merlin's Code course that is run by a Certified Mentor will attract an Advertising and Marketing Contribution to be paid by the Certified Mentor into the WYSER Men Marketing fund. This amount will be deducted from the course payments made to our Certified Mentors. These funds will only be used for promotion of WYSER Men and Merlin's Code to the benefit of all Certified Mentors.

You may choose whatever time and days of the week that best suit you for your Zoom meetings. However, you need to be mindful of the fact that the times and days you choose need to be suitable for men who are wanting to attend the Merlin's Code program.

For example, if you choose to schedule a Merlin's Code course on Mondays and Thursdays between 10am and noon, it may be unsuitable for men who work normal daytime hours. However, those times may be entirely suitable for men from other countries where the timezone differences line up.

You should also be aware that men need sufficient time between each Zoom meeting to complete the online course material. WYSER Men would therefore not allow you to run a course on days which are not at least 2 days apart.

Certified Mentors are granted access to WYSER Men's online administration system which allows courses to be scheduled. You will receive training in how to use the system when you complete the Certified Mentors Course.

There is also support available to assist you with any difficulties you may experience when trying to scheduled your Merlin's Code courses.

WYSER Men will issue you with a 6-digit Referrer Code which you can pass on to any man that you are talking to about doing the Merlin's Code course. When they register to attend the course, they enter your Referrer Code into the registration form. Our system will therefore be able to track whether a particular course participant was referred by you. When that man completes the course, you will be paid the Referral Bonus (together with any Completion Bonuses or other payments).

Register Your Interest

If you are interested becoming part of this progressive group of men intent on helping men achieve their greatest potential, then please register your interest below. WYSER Men will then contact you to discuss the path forward.

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