Merlin's Code
Facilitated Online Group Learning Program for Men

Provides answers to men challenged by
the question "What is Manhood?"

Helping men become
better men

Are you ready to
Transform the Way You Show Up as a Man?

At WYSER Men, we understand that various messages may have brought you here, signalling a need for change in your life:

  • Feeling unhappy within your own skin
  • Facing the threat of your spouse leaving
  • Struggling with being a good father
  • Contending with contempt in your relationship

No matter how these messages have been delivered, we want you to know that we have the power to change lives. Our online program Merlin's Code is specifically designed for men, and in just five weeks, we can help you become a better version of yourself.

Prepare to embark on a journey that will provide valuable insights into your identity as a man. This transformative experience will not only allow for self-reflection on your path to manhood, but it will also shed light on how others perceive you.

Helping Men Become Better Men

Recognise the Key
Indicators That It's Time for Men's Work

There are several indicators that a man may be struggling with life, carrying past traumas, or resisting personal growth.

Consider the following questions and see how many resonate with your current situation:

  • Do your moods frequently fluctuate?
  • Are you unable to control your emotions?
  • Do you often transition from anger to rage?
  • Are your reactions extreme?
  • Do you struggle with low self-esteem or self-worth?
  • Do you easily fall into a victim mentality or depression?
  • Do you prioritize work above all else?
  • Do you behave younger than your actual age?
  • Are you turning to alcohol or drugs as a coping mechanism?

If any of these indicators resonate with you, it's a clear sign that it's time to do some "men's work" and make a change.

Join us at Merlin's Code and discover the tools and support you need to overcome these challenges. Our program is designed to help you grow, heal, and become the best version of yourself. Don't wait any longer - start your transformation today.

Pathway to Manhood Quiz

Discover Your Progress Towards Manhood
and the Health of Your Relationship

This quiz provides a comprehensive assessment of your personal development as a man and your influence on the overall wellbeing of your relationship.

It draws on the many years of experience of WYSER Men's senior Mentors, as well as the work of psychologists John and Julie Gottman, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and male archetypes authors Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette.

Take the Pathway to Manhood Quiz

About Merlin's Code

The Merlin's Code Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness course is designed with a solid foundation in modern psychology, incorporating established practices in personal and relationship therapy. It utilizes metaphors to enhance the learning experience for men who follow the WYSER Men path.

Merlin was a mythical advisor to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, known for his wisdom and ability to foresee the future. The knights of the Middle Ages lived by a code of conduct that still captivates people today. Merlin was also a shapeshifter, and his wisdom is woven through Merlin's Code and over time has proven to help many men transform and change not only their lives but the lives of their partners and children.

Merlins Code is a remarkable course filled with timeless wisdom that holds immense relevance for today's modern men and their families. It redefines modern masculinity and empowers men to embrace their authentic selves. Our program focuses on three key areas:

  • sovereignty,
  • self-connection, and
  • relationships.

By developing these aspects of life, we help men build a strong foundation for a meaningful and fulfilling future.

Self-connection is an integral part of personal growth. We guide men on a journey of introspection and self-discovery to deepen their understanding of emotions, desires, and fears. This process enhances emotional intelligence, improves decision-making skills, and nurtures a healthy sense of self-worth.

In addition to personal growth, healthy relationships are essential for a fulfilled life. We delve into various types of relationships while discussing vital topics such as communication, empathy, respect, and boundaries.

Our training equips men with the necessary tools to cultivate authentic connections with others.

The course helps men make a profound change in their life as a man. As men undergo this transformative journey, their partner will come to admire the man they have become, their children will strengthen their connection with them, and harmony will flourish within their family's home. With these incredible outcomes awaiting you, can there possibly be anything else you could need?

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"Before doing this work I was showing up in my life as an immature little boy. The course is only 5 weeks, and the transformation that I've experienced really felt like an initiation into manhood - starting to become a man and showing up in the world as a man. That's really changed everything, not just for me but my family and my business. No matter what age you are, I would strongly recommend this course to every man."

Tom Hunt

"My life has changed exponentially after doing this program. I've broken the cycle of toxic relationships that I've been in over and over again. Now my relationship is amazing because of the skill sets that I learned through the program, which also apply to my parenting. I've been able to apply those skills to being a better dad, and my relationship with my partner and kids has never been better."

Neil Geddes

"There are very few times in my life when opportunities knock and I'm present to listen to them. And this was one of them. I was hurting a lot. And what I'd like to say to you, whoever's reading this, just take a stab in the dark and do this program for you - and not for anybody else. Because on the other side, there's an opportunity for you to meet yourself."

Puru Kundu

Main pillars of WYSER Men

Merlin's Code®

Our Merlin's Code facilitated online group learning program and ongoing support enable us to positively change men at every level of life. We provide men with insights into how their past has shaped who they are today, what life's priorities are, how to identify and express their emotions, and ensure harmony in their relationships.

Certified Mentors

Our online group learning programs are facilitated by our Certified Mentors. Our Certified Mentors are carefully selected men who have undergone advanced theoretical and practical training in Merlin's Code, successfully passed a qualifying examination and update their skills on an annual basis.

"I now have a deeper understanding of who I actually am as a man, how I can be authentic in who I am, and share my experiences and emotions openly and honestly. Merlin's Code has helped me be more open and honest in communication within my relationships, build deeper trust in those relationships with awareness of what's going on with myself and my partner, and have open conversations and not be fearful to express myself in a way that my partner can hear me."

Brooke Lucas

"Merlin's Code taught me that the thing I need to focus on most is me. The way I show up, the way I stand, and the way I understand things. Now I've got a better ability to be able to hold my space, to be able to not be blocked by the challenges of life - the ups and downs - and how I'm going to be able to show up for my family and my friends and maintain that."

Jason Spink

"I've learned life skills that have changed me as a man. They allow me to finish my day, and to go home and be a different man when I walk through that door - to be the real me. I've learned to how to deal differently with things in my life, to understand how I'm feeling rather than just getting angry... to consider other options. It gave me different tools that allow me to change the way I react and respond."

Gary Bates

Upcoming Facilitated Group Courses

We are taking registrations now for the following upcoming Merlin's Code online group learning programs.

The facilitated group learning program is run over a five-week period and covers the entire Merlin's Code course. You will be required to complete the online course material in your own time before our weekly online meetings via Zoom. These meetings happen twice per week for the five weeks and involve all course participants. The meetings are facilitated by WYSER Men's Certified Mentors and WYSER Elders, and run for approximately 2 hours giving participants a total of 22 hours of mentoring.

During the weekly Zoom meetings, our Certified Mentors will facilitate all men in the group to be able to discuss their personal discoveries and challenges from working through the course material. This enables all participants to gain a much deeper understanding of Merlin's Code, as well as gain greater insights and benefits from the learnings and experiences of other men in his group.

The weekly meetings not only enable you to connect with and learn from other men who are on the same journey as you, but also to foster the creation of an ongoing support network of like-minded men who have committed themselves to do the "work" required to understand Manhood and apply those learnings towards becoming a better man.

Merlin's Code
Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness

19 Aug 2024 to 23 Sep 2024
Online Zoom calls are on
Mondays and Thursdays starting 7:30pm
(Timezone Australia/Brisbane)

Merlin's Code
Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness

3 Oct 2024 to 7 Nov 2024
Online Zoom calls are on
Thursdays and Mondays starting 7:30pm
(Timezone Australia/Brisbane)

Merlin's Code
Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness

18 Nov 2024 to 23 Dec 2024
Online Zoom calls are on
Mondays and Thursdays starting 7:30pm
(Timezone Australia/Brisbane)

Self-Paced Individual Courses

Complete the Merlin's Code program in your own time. Register and start now!

The Merlin's Code program can be completed on a per-module basis as 5 separate courses. Students can complete one or more of the courses as individual self-paced eLearning modules. Simply register for one of the courses and complete it at your own pace. These courses are not facilitated.

A Man's Timeline
Merlin's Code Quest 1

A deep look into explaining a man's journey across his whole life and how his formative years unconsciously influences the man he is today. Drop off your emotional baggage!

Life Priorities
Merlin's Code Quest 2

You will quickly come to realise that the priorities you have adopted in your life do NOT serve you or your family, giving you a life-changing self-awareness.

The Natural Order
Merlin's Code Quest 3

A deep look into relationship and family structures and how there is a natural order to how they can exist in harmony. Learn how to argue respectfully.

Emotional Responsibility
Merlin's Code Quest 4

Develop awareness about your emotions (other than anger) and learn how to deal with and share your emotions and feelings with your loved ones and others.

Family Harmony
Merlin's Code Quest 5

Learn how to create a harmonious family environment where your children can learn communication, connection, and boundaries all from your modelling!

"I found out that my physical age was different from my emotional age. I now realize that as a man in his 40s, my emotional age was still stuck in my 20s. I now have an awareness of bringing that gap closer and closer, to be able to improve my relationships with my partner, my family, at work, and primarily with myself. I've also learned to get my priorities in the right order to be able to do that."

Juan Martinez

"My life has definitely changed for the better. I'm now able to communicate what's going on for me and where I'm at, which allows my partner in deeper to me. It also gives us a foundation to be able to sit down and now have healthy communications rather than the way it used to be in past relationships. I'm already working on creating healthier relationships with my kids and my partner."

Duncan Burns

"One of the most important things that's come out of doing the Merlin's Code program is to find a group of men that I'm able to trust on a much deeper level. And in that trust, being able to express myself to the degree that there's no judgment, there's no fixing, but being held, and being able to share things that I probably wouldn't share in any other environment."

Ken Roberts

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