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It's never too late to be what you might have been.

Merlin's Code | Quest 4 - Emotional Responsibility

Self-Paced Online Course

This course guides you to re-look at how you're dealing with being aware of your emotions (other than anger) and then learning how to share your emotions and feelings with your loved ones.

Course Merlin's Code | Quest 4 - Emotional Responsibility
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Merlin's Code | Quest 4 - Emotional Responsibility


  • Are you a man who is emotionally void of feelings, and don’t know how to share your emotions with your partner?
  • Perhaps you give your partner the "silent treatment" for long periods of time after a disagreement.
  • Or are you a man who is emotionally fragile, has poor emotional regulation, a bad temper, and gets angry easily?
  • Do you think that you might be carrying “emotional baggage” but cannot recognise emotions in yourself or others?

Many men have often bragged to their partners or children, that they don’t cry, and that they are okay when it comes to dealing with profound emotional loss or stress. Sadly, these locked down emotions in a man have, and continue to have, dramatic consequences on the ones he loves.

Emotional Responsibility is about understanding the effects that your emotions have on the way you show up as a man, and more importantly, how your response to those emotions effects those closest to you.

Unmanaged emotions in a man can have devastating effects. Domestic Violence and suicides are rampant within our societies worldwide - and there are no signs that these terrible statistics are abating.

Quest 4 of Merlin's Code – Emotional Responsibility is the fourth of 5 online courses which comprise the Merlin's Code program (or the fourth module of the full five-week group learning course which includes a total of 22 hours of Zoom meetings facilitated by one of our Certified Mentors).

This quest will take you on a journey towards becoming aware of your emotional body and help you identify and connect with your feelings.

It will help you become a man who feels emotion in your body, and be able to share your feelings with your partner, family and friends. A man who is aware of your emotional reactions to life’s challenges, and become more Emotionally Responsible in your responses to those challenges. And a man who has identified and left his emotional baggage behind.

Emotional Responsibility implies awareness, and the ability to control our life, even in difficult circumstances or with high-stress levels.

It is not a question of escaping from what we feel, as we are taught in macho societies, but rather of reflecting on what we experience, and acting on that new knowledge. For example, why do certain circumstances make me angry? What makes me happy? How do I deal with sadness? And how do my emotions affect others?

When there is no, or limited cognitive awareness of emotions in a man, there are distinct possibilities of deep, undealt with "emotional baggage" still active within him, that will cause him to react adversely in any given moment. And often when asked why he did so, the answer almost always is, "They made me feel angry or sad".

In Quest 1 | A Man’s Timeline, you had the opportunity to think back to the time in your life when you stopped being your authentic self. This is a significant process, because when a man remembers the actual event that caused the shutdown, and then deals with and releases what happened that caused that change, there is an opportunity to reset and reconnect with that part of himself that has been locked down for so long.

This Quest aims to bring to your awareness that it is okay to connect with your feelings, and then express them in a practical and supportive way.

Emotional Responsibility brings about a cognitive awareness that when someone asks you “how do you feel?”, there is a challenge issued within the man to seek where it is in his body that he feels joy, anger, fear, and or sadness. And once that is challenged, the emotions start to return and a cognitive awareness of a man's feelings start to emerge – much to the joy of his partner.

The Emotional Responsibility Quest in Merlin's Code has helped countless men over many years deal with how they show up within their personal relationships, with family and friends, and also how they show up at work and in their communities in general.

We continue to promote to all our Graduates the value of "feelings" and the even greater opportunities of recognising them every day of their lives.

If you are completing the Merlin's Code program in the correct order, and we strongly recommend that you do, then you will now be starting to realise how the learning from each Quest builds on the foundational learnings of the previous quests in the Merlin’s Code program.

So, remain mindful of your learnings from the previous Quests as we guide you through this important quest of self discovery and learning.

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