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Welcome To The Possibility Of
Getting Your Man Back

Do you often dream of getting that special "spark" back in your relationship, or simply wish that your partner would get his act together?

Have you seen your man fade away and disconnect from you and the family?

Is your relationship and family suffering because your man is depressed, stressed, unable to deal with life's challenges, has a short fuse and is emotionally unavailable?

Are you facing the possibility of a divorce and family breakup?

You are not alone. Don't give up just yet.

Welcome to WYSER Men's Merlin's Code® facilitated online course for Men - a comprehensive online five-week course designed to transform lives. As the partner of a participant, your support is crucial in helping him succeed on this journey. Throughout the program, he will complete course material at his own pace and attend weekly online meetings via Zoom, facilitated by WYSER Men's experienced Certified Mentors and WYSER Elders.

These meetings provide a valuable opportunity for participants to discuss their personal discoveries and challenges. Your partner's active participation and dedication to the course material are essential for a meaningful experience. At certain stages, he will be encouraged to engage in conversations with you, seeking insights and feedback. Your role is to be candid, truthful, and careful, offering compassionate support as he navigates the program's challenges.

We understand that participating in this program may present challenges in your relationship. However, we want to remind you that your partner's engagement in Merlin's Code can lead to a new found perspective on your relationship and family harmony. Many men have experienced remarkable transformations that make the commitment and effort well worthwhile.

This is a great opportunity for both of you to embark on a journey of personal growth, love, connection, empathy and support. To get started, we invite him to complete the Pathway to Manhood Quiz, and we encourage you to complete your version as well (see below). This will provide valuable insights into where you and your relationship stand, and guide you on the steps to take for its growth and survival.

With over 20+ years of experience, WYSER Men firmly believes that both partners must take responsibility for the outcome of their relationship. Initially, your role may involve supporting him on this journey. Furthermore, you will soon have the opportunity to actively participate in our new WYSER Women online course - a facilitated group learning program focused on your personal growth as a woman, spouse, and mother (coming soon).

Indicators That Your
Relationship Is Under Threat

There are many indicators that your relationship is not as good as it once was, or not as good as it could be.

Here are some of the indicators of an unhealthy relationship:

  • You argue about everything
  • There is a lack of intimacy
  • There is a lack of trust
  • Your partner is highly critical of you
  • There is a lack of romance or quality time
  • There is disrespect, contempt or violence

Indicators That Your
Partner Needs Help

There are many indicators that a man is not coping with life, carrying trauma from his past or simply refusing to 'grow up'.

How many of the following relate to the way your partner is showing up in your relationship?

  • His mood changes frequently
  • He can't control his emotions
  • He easily tips from Anger to Rage
  • His reactions are extreme
  • He has low self-esteem or self-worth
  • He drops into Victim or Depression easily
  • He prioritises work above all else
  • He behaves much younger than his age
  • He is resorting to alcohol or drugs

Health of Your Relationship Quiz

Discover Your Relationship Health
and the Progress of Your Man Towards Manhood

This quiz will provide you with an assessment of the health of your relationship and how your partner's development towards manhood is affecting it. It draws on the work of psychologists John and Julie Gottman, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, and psychologist and author Robert Moore.

Take the Pathway to Manhood Quiz

How Can WYSER Men Help You?

Personal Development

Are you looking for a self development program for your man? A program that is like no other that initiates men into Manhood and a new way of being?

My Man Needs Help

Is your man struggling with life? Does he carry the burdens of trauma from his past, have a short fuse or is unable to handle the responsibilities of life?

My Relationship Needs Help

Does your relationship need help because your man is struggling with life, has become disconnected from you and/or your family, is emotionally unstable and/or depressed?

"Before doing this work I was showing up in my life as an immature little boy. The course is only 5 weeks, and the transformation that I've experienced really felt like an initiation into manhood - starting to become a man and showing up in the world as a man. That's really changed everything, not just for me but my family and my business. No matter what age you are, I would strongly recommend this course to every man."

Tom Hunt

"My life has changed exponentially after doing this program. I've broken the cycle of toxic relationships that I've been in over and over again. Now my relationship is amazing because of the skill sets that I learned through the program, which also apply to my parenting. I've been able to apply those skills to being a better dad, and my relationship with my partner and kids has never been better."

Neil Geddes

"There are very few times in my life when opportunities knock and I'm present to listen to them. And this was one of them. I was hurting a lot. And what I'd like to say to you, whoever's reading this, just take a stab in the dark and do this program for you - and not for anybody else. Because on the other side, there's an opportunity for you to meet yourself."

Puru Kundu

Upcoming Facilitated Group Courses

We are taking registrations now for the following upcoming Merlin's Code online group learning programs.

This facilitated group learning program is run over five weeks and covers the entire Merlin's Code course. Your man will be required to complete the online course material in his own time before each weekly online meeting held via Zoom. These meetings happen twice per week for five weeks and involve all course participants.

The meetings are facilitated by WYSER Men's Certified Mentors and WYSER Elders and run for approximately 2 hours providing your man with a total of 22 hours of mentoring.

During the weekly Zoom meetings, our Certified Mentors will facilitate all men in the group to be able to discuss their personal discoveries and challenges from working through the course material. This enables your man to gain a much deeper understanding of Merlin's Code, as well as gain greater insights and benefits from the learnings and experiences of other men in his group.

The weekly meetings not only enable your man to connect with and learn from other men who are on the same journey as him, but also to foster the creation of an ongoing support network of like-minded men who have committed themselves to do the "work" required to understand Manhood and apply those learnings towards becoming a better man.

Merlin's Code
Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness

4 Jul 2024 to 8 Aug 2024
Online Zoom calls are on
Thursdays and Mondays starting 7:30pm
(Timezone Australia/Brisbane)

Merlin's Code
Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness

19 Aug 2024 to 23 Sep 2024
Online Zoom calls are on
Mondays and Thursdays starting 7:30pm
(Timezone Australia/Brisbane)

Merlin's Code
Life Skills & Mental Health Awareness

3 Oct 2024 to 7 Nov 2024
Online Zoom calls are on
Thursdays and Mondays starting 7:30pm
(Timezone Australia/Brisbane)

Self-Paced Individual Courses

Complete the Merlin's Code program in your own time. Register and start now!

The Merlin's Code program can be completed on a per-module basis as 5 separate courses. Students can complete one or more of the courses as individual self-paced eLearning modules. Simply register for one of the courses and complete it at your own pace. These courses are not facilitated.

A Man's Timeline
Merlin's Code Quest 1

A deep look into explaining a man's journey across his whole life and how his formative years unconsciously influences the man he is today. Drop off your emotional baggage!

Life Priorities
Merlin's Code Quest 2

You will quickly come to realise that the priorities you have adopted in your life do NOT serve you or your family, giving you a life-changing self-awareness.

The Natural Order
Merlin's Code Quest 3

A deep look into relationship and family structures and how there is a natural order to how they can exist in harmony. Learn how to argue respectfully.

Emotional Responsibility
Merlin's Code Quest 4

Develop awareness about your emotions (other than anger) and learn how to deal with and share your emotions and feelings with your loved ones and others.

Family Harmony
Merlin's Code Quest 5

Learn how to create a harmonious family environment where your children can learn communication, connection, and boundaries all from your modelling!

"I now have a deeper understanding of who I actually am as a man, how I can be authentic in who I am, and share my experiences and emotions openly and honestly. Merlin's Code has helped me be more open and honest in communication within my relationships, build deeper trust in those relationships with awareness of what's going on with myself and my partner, and have open conversations and not be fearful to express myself in a way that my partner can hear me."

Brooke Lucas

"Merlin's Code taught me that the thing I need to focus on most is me. The way I show up, the way I stand, and the way I understand things. Now I've got a better ability to be able to hold my space, to be able to not be blocked by the challenges of life - the ups and downs - and how I'm going to be able to show up for my family and my friends and maintain that."

Jason Spink

"I've learned life skills that have changed me as a man. They allow me to finish my day, and to go home and be a different man when I walk through that door - to be the real me. I've learned to how to deal differently with things in my life, to understand how I'm feeling rather than just getting angry... to consider other options. It gave me different tools that allow me to change the way I react and respond."

Gary Bates