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It's never too late to be what you might have been.

Merlin's Code | Quest 2 - Life Priorities

Self-Paced Online Course

You will quickly come to realise that the priorities you have adopted in your life do NOT serve you or your family - giving you a life-changing self-awareness.

Course Merlin's Code | Quest 2 - Life Priorities
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Merlin's Code | Quest 2 - Life Priorities

This is a quest where you'll have to challenge yourself, to answer the following questions:

  • Are you, a hard-working man, and work so hard that you have no work life balance?
  • Do you lack a sense of self, and feel that you aren’t in control of your life?
  • Are you experiencing a sense of disconnect, or loneliness in your relationship or family, due to that lack of control over your own life?
  • Do you struggle with defining clear boundaries in your life? Leading to poor decision making?

As a young man, you were probably taught, either by default, or by observing your parents and their friends, that work and earning money was the most important thing that a man must learn, and the most important duty he must perform in his life.

We realise, that there are many ways to create Life Priorities. Ranging from cars, houses, fatherhood, financial goals, relationships, and many many more. But WYSER Men’s Life Priorities are like no other! The fact that there are four basic priorities in a man's life sounds relatively fundamental, but sadly, this minor awareness usually goes unnoticed in many men's lives, until it is too late!

This Quest will help you come to realise, that your current life priorities may have a lot to do with your conditioning as a young boy, and what was modelled to you during those formative years. Once these life priorities are revealed to you, they will open a clear pathway to your future, and that of your loved ones, and provide seemingly impossible clarity.

Quest 2 of Merlin's Code – Life Priorities is the second of 5 online courses which comprise the Merlin's Code program (or the second module of the full five-week group learning course which includes a total of 22 hours of Zoom meetings facilitated by one of our Certified Mentors).

This Quest, will take you on a journey of personal discovery, that will help you to realise what the most important, and fundamental priorities are, in your life. You will learn that you are worthy of - and that you deserve - the best and most fulfilling life. And that you can now guide yourself, your relationship, and your family, to better ways of being.

This Quest will provide you with answers, so simple, that you will find it hard to believe that they are true. Your ability to re-program your life, will come very easily, and I assure you, come it will.

It will help you to become a man, who is in control of where you are going in life. A man, who enjoys a happy, well balanced, harmonious, and fulfilling life and relationship. And a man, who sets clear boundaries, to ensure the order of your life priorities, is maintained.

As you learned in Quest 1  of Merlin's Code, A Man’s Timeline - the conditioning from your childhood and upbringing, shapes most of who you are, as a man today. This conditioning, in most cases, unconsciously dictates how we, as men, prioritise various areas of our life. It is generally accepted that we inherited our "work ethic" from our fathers, and society in general. The modelling we had from them was ingrained in us as young men, which included the responsibility to provide for the family we create.

Getting your priorities right, will give you a solid foundation as a sovereign man on your path to manhood, and allow you to shape your life, and how you show up as a man, in all aspects of your life. Particularly, in your relationship. A good example of this, is that if life was a bus, that you are supposed to be driving, does your present choice of priorities place you in the best position to be in control of your future, and allow you to clearly see where you are going?

Generally speaking, a woman wants her man as their life partner. Someone who is clear on his future, who is trustworthy, faithful, reliable and emotionally available. Not a man in little boy shorts. They want a man who will stand by their side, a man who is reliable, and dependable enough to protect her, and her children. This is what we at WYSER Men call, the natural order of life! If you get this wrong, your partner may lose respect for you, due to accumulating contempt and resentment. All because of the lack of sovereignty shown by you as her man.

In this course, you will learn how to prioritise yourself, understand life, and respect your wife or partner, and their place in the Team. You will be guided towards an understanding that family, and family responsibility, are fundamental to men of integrity. You may even learn to develop a more healthy and balanced relationship with work and your work ethic, and come to realise that your chosen trade, profession, or career, while important, should no longer be an obsession to you.

It is important to note, that following on from "A Man's Timeline", this Quest is another fundamentally important part of the Merlin's Code program. And we strongly recommend completing these courses, before moving onto any of the other courses in the program.

We look forward to guiding you through this important quest of self discovery and learning.

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